On the farm, raising cows is not easy from eating, milking…, and one difficult problem to deal with is toenails. Cow paws often grow quickly, especially in captivity or with little grazing. When the toenails are too long, it makes it difficult for them to walk, easily broken, scratched or stuck with stones and gravel, causing damage, rotten nails and can lead to lameness. Therefore, regularly check the cow’s hooves and cut onions
Proper nail trimming and at the right time will help avoid lame disease, foot sores for cows. The best time to prune is one that suits the needs of the flock. However, there are certain times, such as during lactation, when all farms should avoid pruning. The “no pruning” phases all revolve around the calving phase of the cow. During the calving period, do not put cows in the hoof trimming trough.
Every six months to five months or as needed. Preferably in the fall, winter, or spring (since hooves can harden during the dry summer months.)
How to proceed as follows: use a sharp knife or scissors to cut the toenails, paying attention to cut off all the excess, dirty and diseased nails. Deep cutting is possible when nail organization is damaged. In case of bleeding, use 5% iodine alcohol to disinfect and then bandage the wound.
Commercial nail clippers work by using a trough into which cows enter. Newer styles allow the cow to stand upright and use straps and hydraulics to keep the cow and trimmer comfortable and secure. The old fashioned cow side position to allow the trimmer to reach all four legs at the same time and this can be stressful for the cow, so it should only be done at certain stages of life/pregnancy pregnant.
Some hoof trimmers use sharpeners that trim very quickly and can cause temporary limping, so know the job or watch the nail clippers work on other cows before allowing them work on your cows.
In the video below, you can see Hoof Trimming Animal Rescue Smart Farming Cow
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