A baby born with an adult-sized tongue can now smirk after undergoing a life-altering surgery. Paisley Morrison-Johnson, from Aberdeen, South Dakota, United States, was born with Bt-W s (BWS), an overgrowth disorder that effects one in 11,000 births globally.
Paisley’s enlarged tongue, which grew to twice the size of her mouth, obstructed her respiration and necessitated that she be fed through a nasogastric tube during her first few months of life.
Paisley’s parents, Madison Kienow and Shannon Morrison-Johnson, explained that their daughter has beamed for the first time since the successful surgery.
During the reduction sus, portions of the infant’s tongue, who is now 16 months old, were removed. Specialists are now optimistic that Paisley will not require any additional sus, according to Mail Online.
In a Facebook post intended to raise awareness about BWS, her mother wrote, “Everything was ideal until Paisley decided to join us at 29 weeks.” There was a great deal of chaos, physicians, nurses, tears, dread, the occurrence of unknown events, and hearing that your daughter would be flown to Sioux Falls without you due to her health. Without any information, I have faith that the staff will ensure that I will shortly be able to hold my newborn daughter for the first time.
“I will never forget her being intubated, not hearing her cries, and being terrified for her. “Everything is unfolding so quickly that nobody knows precisely what is happening.”
She continued, “Three weeks pass, and Paisley remains in her omni bed. She has been conclusively diagnosed with Bt-W s, we ultimately learn. It was all a coincidence, but what on earth is occurring to my innocent baby girl?

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