Parenthood is a beautiful journey filled with new experiences and memories you can make with your little one, and diaper changing is one of them. Although it may seem unpleasant and messy, changing your baby’s diapers can be a bonding experience. This is a chance to get a moment alone with your baby during your busy day.
However, the process of choosing and changing diapers can be daunting and far more complicated than new parents expect.
Figuring out the right size, fit, and material to ensure that your baby is comfortable and finding a way to change diapers without your baby moving around and crying takes skill and practice. Know that you are not alone.Many parents find it challenging to adapt to changing their baby’s nappies. Learning how to deal with poop leakage and getting the most out of a diaper takes time. Here are 5 tricks that can help you solve every diaper dilemma:

1. What To Do When Your Baby Takes Off The Diaper In The Middle Of The Night

Many parents wonder what to do when their baby goes through the phase of taking off their clothes and diaper during the night. It is a common occurrence to walk into their room in the morning and find them with nothing on.
You can always just watch them on the baby monitor throughout the night. But that is not a practical solution.However, the answer to your problems is easy. Simply turn their pajamas around so that the zip is on the back. Since it is hard to reach, your baby will not be able to unzip themselves and shed their clothing, leaving their diaper intact.

2. Which Diaper To Use When Your Baby Is In Between Sizes

Getting the right diaper size for your baby is imperative so that they feel comfortable throughout the day. If the diaper is too big, there is a chance of it coming apart or sliding off, which can be frustrating and messy for both you and your baby.
However, it is far worse if the diaper is too small. This may irritate your baby’s skin and cause redness. Small diapers also mean that there may be leakage, especially overnight.
This is why it is recommended to always size up during the night. This way, your baby won’t wake up due to a soggy diaper. Many diaper companies print the size on the interior tag, making it easier for parents to keep track of when their baby is in between sizes so that they don’t waste any diapers.

3. How To Use Diapers To Their Fullest Potential

Figuring out how to put your baby in diapers is not as easy as it seems. There is more to diapering a baby than simply opening the diaper, putting the baby in, and closing it up. For example, there are several different kinds of diapers with different velcro patterns, and learning how to open and close them can be tricky.
However, it is far trickier to find a way to use them to their full potential so as to not waste the diapers. A little-known way to prevent blowouts and fully use diapers is to pull out the entire skirt of the diaper. Take advantage of this function for optimal results.

4. How To Deal With A Diaper Blowout

Diaper blowouts are normal and happen to every baby. Instead of beating yourself up about not checking your baby’s diaper enough, it is best to clean them up and move on. Dealing with blowouts may be easier than you think. There are tabs placed on the shoulders of baby onesies for this reason alone.
The last thing you want to do is deal with the mess of having to take off a onesie over your baby’s head after a blowout.Instead, simply use the tabs to pull the onesie down and replace the diaper to keep your baby clean and safe.
After all, taking it over their heads can bring their face in contact with their feces, which can be unsanitary and harmful for your baby. So, the next time your baby soils their diaper, use this method to make the job hassle-free.

5. How To Organize Your Diaper Bag

All mothers and caregivers are told to have a diaper bag filled with all the essentials that your baby may need. But, most of the time, it becomes a dump for unnecessary wrappers and used wet wipes.
It is hard to maintain a neat and organized diaper bag when you are constantly pulling things out in a hurry to cater to your baby or dumping things back in so as to not inconvenience other people in a public setting.
And soon enough, your bag is full of loose diapers, split crackers, hand sanitizers, toys, and more. But there is no need to worry.
The solution to organizing your diaper bag is easy. Utilize an empty wipe box to put all of your essentials into, including a pack of wipes themselves. No matter how much you and your bag get jolted around, all of your things will stay in place.
Remember that learning to deal with everything that comes with diaper changing can be hard to keep up with, but you will get better with time and practice. The important thing is to keep your baby clean and safe.

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