18 Bizzare Marriage Rituals You Won’t Believe Actually Exist !

A wedding is a sacred ceremony to tie two people together for life. Every religion and country has different rituals they follow to officiate their wedding. Some of the rituals that people of some countries follow may seem weird and unusual to us.
Marriage rituals varies from one continent of the world to another and in so countries of the world, this so called marriage rituals never existed in their dictionary. The list in the video you are about to see is the top 18 most bizarre marriage rituals ever exist.

#Scotland: The blackening ritual

The blackening ritual

In some settlements, where ancient traditions are still honored, there is a ritual of “Blackening the Bride”. The essence is that the future wife is sloppy from head to toe. After bathing, the girl, accompanied by the groom’s friends, will have to walk around all the town’s pubs for everyone to enjoy the unusual sight.
It is believed that after such humiliation, the antics of the future husband will no longer be so terrible, there will be no more quarrels in the family, and no one will covet such a “dirty” person.

#Kenya:Spitting on the bride

The Maasai are found in Kenya and Northern Tanzania. They are a lot of people who have been determined to stay true to their nature and culture. Theirs was never an imitation of a foreign perfection, it was innate. This is also one of the unusual wedding rituals anyone has ever heard of.

                                             Kenya:Spitting on the bride

You probably don’t even want to think about it during this coronavirus pandemic, whereby simple saliva droplets can easily make you sick. However, for Maasai, it’s how they play that’s great. They see spitting as a form of blessing and a show of respect. The people of the tribe greet each other by spitting at each other. When greeting an elder, the Maasai warriors (young men) would first spit on his hand before he shook it. That is respect.
As if that wasn’t enough, when a baby is born in the Maasai community, family members will spit on the baby’s palm or chest to pray for good luck and longevity. After the wedding ceremony, the girl’s father also spit on her forehead to bless her union.They follow this ritual before the brides go with the groom after the wedding. Though this may sound gross to many people, the Massai people consider it as good luck.

#Malaysia: The bride and groom are banned from the bathroom

                               Mongolian people kill baby chick before the wedding
Newly married couples of the Tidong community in Indonesia are prohibited from using the washroom for three days after their marriage. Breaking the rules of the observation will bring bad luck in their married life like stillbirth and death. Relatives of the couple supervise them over the three days after which they are bathed and may answer their calls of nature.

#China-Cry and ᴋɪʟʟ the chicken

In China, in some villages, people not only stay away from civilization, but also follow all the traditions that have been preserved almost original since ancient times. So, according to legend, the more tears the bride sheds before her wedding night, the happier her married life will be. That’s why, 2 weeks before the wedding day, the girl was forced to close the door in her room and … began to cry, no matter what mood she was in.Then her mother joined her, and then all her female relatives joined in crying with the bride.


People in inner China, Mongolia follow very strange rituals before the wedding. They follow the tradition of killing the baby chick. Before they read their vows, the couple in Mongolia cut a baby chick together and inspect the liver. If the liver is in good condition, they can set a date for their wedding. Meanwhile, if the liver is not in a good condition or if it is diseased they have to ᴋɪʟʟ other baby chicks to find a good liver.

                                            ᴋɪʟʟing the baby chicks

 #Bali – Women get their teeth filed

In Bali, women get their teeth filed for preparing themselves for marriage. This is believed that smooth teeth are a sign of bad emotions like jealousy and lust.

Bali – Women get their teeth filed

#Russian wedding traditions

Every country is rich in their customs and traditions. Russia is not an exception. Read about Russian engagement traditions and old Russian wedding traditions, which you didn’t know before. In many regions of Russia, wedding traditions are extremely unique. For example, in the Caucasus, on the wedding day, the bride is prohibited from talking to her husband’s relatives, up to the maximum she has the right to say: “Drink to stay healthy”, if the husband’s family asks the young wife to bring water.  Meanwhile, on the contrary, the guests are forced to try to strike up a conversation with the girl by all means: perhaps saying funny sentences. If the bride-to-be responds to guests, it means that she is stupid and has no control.

                    Russian wedding traditions

In Kuban, the wedding is perhaps the most joyful holiday, however, not the first day but the second day of the wedding can surprise unprepared guests. The fact is that it is very difficult to get to the wedding venue, at the entrance to the restaurant or to the house where yesterday’s ceremony took place, the closest relatives of the bride and groom lined up. , the straighter the better. Their job is not to let anyone in without drinking something, be it beer, wine, cocktails…, and invite the guests to sit on a swing made of bed sheets.

#Libyan: Take perfume to rub the bride’s feet

The Libyan wedding ceremony is usually Islamic, as it is the country’s state religion and commonly officiated by an imam. The signing of the marriage certificate takes place in the bride’s home and the festivities and ceremony take place a day later. Libyan weddings can last anywhere from three to five days.

Historically the bride’s body is covered and her face veiled, but in more recent times she might wear a traditional wedding gown.

The guests did not leave the table for a whole week. A rather unusual ceremony is performed on the 6th day of the wedding ceremony, when the groom gives the bride a basket – a basket of gifts. This includes: fabric, perfume… Young wife, in order to not Disappointing her newlyweds, be sure to try all the gifts right away. To do this, they call one of the girl’s relatives, such as her sister or aunt, who has to take turns taking perfume from the basket and rub it on the bride’s feet. According to legend, thanks to this ritual, the newlywed will be able to keep her husband under her heels for life.

#Korea: Beating the Groom’s feet to check the strength

This may sound very odd and very strange but people in South Korea follow the wedding rituals of beating the groom’s feet. Before the groom joins the celebration of uniting with his wife, he has to follow this ritual. The groomsmen or his family members remove his socks and bind his ankle together. They take a turn to beat his feet with a stick of dead fish before the ceremony.

Korean people hit the groom’s feet

The people there believe that this helps to know the strength and the character of the groom. While they take a turn to beat his feet, they also ask him some questions which he should answer in between.
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