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On this six-meter-wide Bos leveling machine pulled by the Fendt 942, the GPS system has a two-centimeter accuracy. When it pulls away from the headland, the sound of its MAN engine is a delight to the ear of any machinery enthusiast. The New Holland tractor belongs to a neighboring farmer who also owns the VSS Amac onion loader. Harvesting conditions for the Dewulf Kwatro bunker harvester are much better this year than they were last year.

The Fendt 724 tractors are busy hauling the crop away in a variety of trailers, including this Beco carrying 26 tonnes. The Dewulf harvests four 75-centimeter beds at a time and is equipped with Claas Terra Tracks and a large 125-centimeter rear wheel for even weight distribution across the field. The majority of the loose soil is removed by two sets of sieving webs.

XXL Harvest Special | Franzen Agriculture | Potatoes & carrots | Planting  tulips & wheat - YouTube

The desiccated haulm in front of the harvester is removed by a home topper. Thrash is extracted using a pintle belt. The crop is lifted into the 17.5 cubic meter bunker by an elevator. The potatoes are gently unloaded onto the trailer via a discharge elevator. The largest harvester built by Bᴇʟɢɪᴜᴍ firm Dewulf, this 30-ton behemoth is powered by a 500-horsepower Scania engine. Driver Wilbert has an unobstructed view of the harvesting operation in front of him from inside the Claas Vista cab. A series of monitors make it easier to see all of the cleaning modules. The yield is being logged using yield monitoring and RTK-GPS.

Carrots in Western Australia | Agriculture and Food

Musica, a ware potato variety, is being harvested here. The potatoes are kept in this storage facility, which was built last year. Trailers unload their cargo into a Breston receiving hopper, where it is cleaned further. A Mechanic box filler automatically fills and stacks the one-tonne wooden potato boxes. For the entire unloading process, two forklifts are sufficient. They can be kept in this temperature-controlled cold store for up to eleven months if necessary. Each box is weighed to ensure that the filling level is consistent. A horizontal elevator serves as a buffer, while a vertical elevator descends into the box to protect the potatoes. On the 15th of October, we return to the farm.

SCI carrot bed, on left, and harvest, on right, at Teltane Farm,... |  Download Scientific Diagram

Let’s have a look at the XXL harvest special, where we show you all the sights and sounds of harvest 21 in the video below.

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