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Curb Roller Manufacturing, a global leader in shaped concrete roller screeds, offers the Curb Roller CM4000, a single-operator machine for shaping concrete for curb and gutter work. According to the manufacturer, the CM4000 reduces the labor of shaping curb and gutter pours, allowing crews to complete work up to twice as fast as manual ods or face forming. The Curb Roller CM4000 is most commonly used for curb and gutter projects ranging from 50 to 5,000 linear feet and can be used on all types and sizes of jobs, including patch and repair jobs. The system has also been widely accepted as an efficient ᴍᴇᴛʜod for tackling small v-gutter and flume projects. Customers can select from more than 25 pre-designed drum profiles or have a custom drum made to their project’s specifications.

According to the manufacturer, the CM4000 allows large and small contractors to do a broader range of work without investing in large, expensive equipment. Contractors can offer multiple curb styles after investing in the base machine because the drums can be easily swapped out. The single-operator machine eliminates the majority of the back-breaking work associated with curb and gutter work while producing a consistent, high-quality finished product. The equipment is simple to use, making it suitable for workers with limited experience.

The CM4000 has a guide ring that runs on the inside of forms, ensuring a consistent curb every time. The handle has variable speed and directional control, giving the operator complete control of the machine. Because moisture and slump levels vary between truckloads, this adaptability allows the spin speed to be adjusted on the fly to accommodate changing material conditions. For optimal results, dry concrete with a low slump requires the drum to run faster.

The CM4000’s ergonomic design includes a pivoting handle that provides a comfortable offset control tailored to the operator’s height. The operator can stand outside the framework and walk parallel to the form, with the handlebars remaining parallel to the drum regardless of position. This offset design provides the leverage required for the machine to be operated by a single person. The unit is powered by hydraulics, which provide the necessary torque to efficiently drive the shaped drums. The machine can run on Curb Roller Manufacturing’s Hydra-Pack, which provides a two-way directional flow of 5-8 GPM with adjustable psi and a maximum of 2250 psi. The machine can also be connected to any other hydraulic power source, such as a skid steer, mini-excavator, or tractor.

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