Wild Horse Risked His Life To Fight With The Lion King To protect His Mɑтᴇ

It is common for lions to hunt zebras. Cheetahs which hunt in groups might be able to take down a zebra, but if they hunt alone, they’ll go for smaller prey like antelopes. Leopards don’t usually hunt healthy adult zebras because they are solitary hunters. African painted dogs and spotted hyenas might hunt a zebra if their packs are big enough. Alligators will kill zebras too.

Hunting war is always fierce

Where feral horses are common, they are hunted by mountain lions, wolves, or bears. It is unlikely that a mountain lion or a bear can kill a healthy adult horse, but they can hunt for very young, sick, or elderly horses. Wolves can hunt for horses if their packs are big enough. Mountain lions are natural predators of wild horses. These apex predators balance ecosystems and could help to regulate wild horse populations.

Compare Lions and Wild Horses

Horses are well known throughout the world for their speed and stamina. Horse racing is one of the oldest human traditions in our relationship with our equine friends. But just how fast can a horse gallop – and is it fast enough to escape from predators?
A horse’s top running speed depends on many factors: its age, breed, size, condition, and general health. The average healthy saddle horse can gallop at about 25-35 mph.

                Herd of wild horses

Lions live primarily in the grasslands of Africa. A group of hunting lions can reach top speeds of 50 mph when chasing prey. They hunt animals like antelope, zebra, and the slower moving water buffalo. They are strong, fast, and well-equipped to take down even the fastest and largest animals in the grasslands. An average saddle horse would likely lose if the lion was determined, and close enough to strike.

Lions are the most social of all wild cats. Whether hunting or defending, lions are never alone. They like to work in small groups and use skill, strength, and speed to take down their opponents.
Horses are prey animals that congregate in herds for protection. One of a horse’s greatest assets is its fight or flight response – and horses usually choose flight.

A HUNGRY lion gets more

Usually, these will be individuals who act as “links” in the hunt, as they will ambush at key points and attack wild horses where they are not expected. However, if unlucky, these lions can completely be seriously injured or even Ԁɪᴇ.

                  Lion vs housre

The clip shows the lions “setting up their troops” and attacking the zebras from many different directions. While those in the back are quite safe because they only need to chase their prey, some are in a dangerous position, right in the running track of the zebras. However, the animal was lucky to escape death and tried its best to get out of the direction of the herd.
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