Raccoon And His Deer Best Friend

Last year, licensed wildlife rehabilitator Carrie Long received a call about a baby raccoon in distress. At just 3 weeks old, he’d been abandoned by his mother and was found clinging to life during a rainstorm.

Raccoon Forms Sweetest Friendship With Deer Who Lost Her Mom

But when she got a call about a 3-week-old baby raccoon in distress in knew she needed to help that baby too

The raccoon, who she named Jasper, was found all alone during a rainstorm after his mom abandoned him. A woman found poor Jasper, who is believed to be the runt of his litter, soaking wet in a pool of water and reached out to Long for help.

                   But Justin was in very loving hands and did well in Long’s care  

Thanks to Long, he grew into a healthy adult

Jasper figured that since he knew what it was like to be a baby that was left on your own, he could probably help the orphaned deer at Texas Fawn and Friends to feel less lonely. Despite reaching adulthood and being free to strike out on his own, Jasper has decided to continue calling Long’s deer haven his home. These days, he happily shares the sprawling space with some 75 orphaned deer currently under Texas Fawn and Friends’ care — but there’s one in particular who has clearly won his heart.


Her name is Hope. She, too, lost her mother as a youngster. But Jasper makes sure she never feels alone. “Hope was a fawn that I received in that had [also] lost her mother,” Long told My Modern Met. “As time went on, Hope was released as she became old enough. He loves playing with the dogs but he has so much fun with her, I guess because she’s larger than the dogs and he’s able to hold on to her!”

The beautiful friendship of two animals in the same situation

Whenever Jasper sees Hope, he gets really excited. He runs up to her to lick her face and give her hugs.

“Jasper just loves her,” Long said. “When he sees her, he runs to lick and love on her. It’s just the cutest thing.” “He sees her every day,” Long said. “In the evening, she comes and lays next to him. They’ve got a cool relationship going on.”
Whenever Jasper sees Hope, he gets really excited. He runs up to her to lick her face and give her hugs.

The rescuing staff filmed these two youngsters when they were hanging out on the grass and posted the video clip on the organization’s Instagram texasfawnandfriends. It rapidly went viral and reached nearly forty-five hundred thousand views with about fifty-five thousand heart icons. Animal lovers watching Hope and Jasper can’t resist their simply sincere affection. They wish to be able to go to Texas and meet this cute animal couple.
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