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Raising dairy cows is one of the agricultural activities that bring great economic benefits, but in order to do this, it is necessary to apply the correct process and techniques for raising dairy cows, because otherwise, makes livestock become thin and weak, produces milk with low yield and quality, but is very susceptible to disease.

Key factors determining milk quality and yield

Milk is the main source of income for dairy projects, so when receiving good care, livestock will produce milk of outstanding quality and bring high economic efficiency. There are 3 factors that will determine the yield and quality of milk including:
Breeding factor: decide 40%
Feed factor: decide 30%
Foster care factor: decide 30%

The process and techniques of dairy farming apply the latest technology today

The application of technology in dairy farming is very necessary to improve the yield and quality of cow’s milk, including the following stages:

Animal lodging

The barn must give dairy cows a spacious and comfortable space. The place used to make the barn must be high, airy, should build an extra yard so that the animals can move and move easily.

Animal lodging

Choose varieties

Breed is an important factor determining the yield and quality of milk, so it is necessary to choose good breed cows according to the following criteria:
Appearance: choose dairy cows whose head is light and balanced compared to the whole body, and the legs are firm and firm; and the breast should be soft, evenly developed as well as having large and wide breasts. Besides, good breed cows will have smooth skin and no deformities in all parts.
Weight: HF crossbred dairy cows should gain from 350 to 400 kg, Sind crossbred dairy cows need to reach 280 to 320 kg each.
Genetic factors: depending on whether the parent cow has good growth and disease, the ability to produce milk is good because the calf will also inherit these characteristics of the parent cow.
Milk yield: for crossbred HF cows, the daily milk yield must be 9kg or more, and for Sind crossbred cows, it must be 7kg per day.

Dairy cow breeds


Feed for dairy cows plays an extremely important role in the nurturing process, because only when it is provided with adequate nutrition, the animal can develop comprehensively, and at the same time produce the most perfect milk. meet the high demand of today’s market. To do this, it is necessary to know how to calculate the diet in each time such as lactation, lactation or growth maintenance of each cow.
Technology applied in feed processing: Hand-held lawn mower, grass chopper, TMR . feed mixer.

Nurturing and Caring

In the high-tech farming model, taking care and nurturing dairy cows to bring them a feeling of comfort, closeness and love is essential. When there is a comfortable spirit, livestock will produce milk of superior quality compared to cows kept in a confined environment, not guaranteed in terms of food supply as well as nutritional content. The correct way to raise dairy cows needs to adhere to a few rules:

milking cows

Make sure to take care of cows on time for feeding, rest and milking time every day.
The barn needs to be well ventilated, dry in the summer and warm in the winter.
Give the cow the best comfort possible.
Timely detection, treatment and mating of livestock.
Never let the cows get hungry or thirsty.
Always express milk properly and should use a dedicated milking machine to ensure food hygiene and safety.
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