Newborn Baby Frowns At Doctor Trying To Make Her Cry Before Cutting Umbilical Cord

Let‘s just all agree here that life is no easy thing for most people. No matter how healthy, lucky, or rich we are, we all get our fair share of hardships but some of us realize that a tad earlier than others.

Famous picture on the internet

These days the picture of a newborn girl is going viral on social media, which you can see here. Yes, the reason for the picture of the girl being viral is her expression. In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this is the situation. A mother gave birth to a baby girl in a hospital on February 13. When the physicians attempted to make the baby cry before cutting the umbilical chord, she responded in such a way that they were astounded.

Famous picture on the internet

Brazilian photographer Rodrigo Kunstmann managed to capture the exact moment of the newborn baby’s realization. He said he “can only consider myself a blessed person. I feel like a lottery winner.” He also said he got a lot of help from the doctor to get the shot. “She made the baby girl have contact with the mother at birth. But I only saw the expression on the baby’s face when I left the operating room.”

Famous picture on the internet

You can view images of the girl and her family that she posted on Facebook. Rodrigo, a photojournalist, recently informed the press that “she didn’t cry after birth.” The physicians attempted to make him weep in such a condition. His pupils dilated. However, I did not weep. Even the doctors told Isha to weep! After that, he had a solemn expression on his face. When the doctor severed the umbilical cord, she began to wail.

Famous picture on the internet

It seems that funny baby Isabela managed to change the lives of not only her parents but also the photographer who captured her birth. The photo he published of her has since gone viral, changing Kunstmann’s life and profession, as he expressed it. Isabela is continually perfecting her facial expressions, according to her mother, Daiane de Jesus Barbosa. When she wants to nurse or needs her diaper changed, she wrinkles her infant face in a cute way to let her mother know. What a mature manner of expressing your wants! 


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