Mother Gave Birth To A Baby Girl On The Bathroom Floor After Only 13 Minutes Of Labor

CNN anchor Kasie Hunt explained that she planned to have her daughter delivered via cesarean section. Looks like the newborn had other plans!

The BIRTH of a child is always a happy event, but some pregnant women do not always have the opportunity to give birth in ideal conditions, and many of them do not even make it to the maternity ward. This is exactly what happened to CNN anchor Kasie Hunt, who posted on Instagram how she gave birth to her second child, a girl named Grey, on the bathroom floor.

On the bathroom floor.

On Mar. 3, CNN’s chief national affairs analyst shared a post on Instagram announcing the birth of her second child, Grey Hunt Rivera. Her daughter was born on March 1, according to Hunt and her husband, Matthew Mario Rivera, also share a son, 3-year-old Mars Hunt.
As she explained in the post, even though she had a scheduled C-section, her little girl apparently had other plans. After only 13 minutes of labor, Kasie realized she wasn’t going to make it to the hospital, so she gave birth on the bathroom floor, and the baby was delivered by her father.
“My husband, @mattmrivera & I are thrilled to introduce our daughter, Grey Hunt Rivera, though really, she introduced herself. Grey was delivered by dad on the bathroom floor after 13 minutes of labor, before we even had time to dial 911, and 24 hours before she was scheduled to arrive via C section,” the emotional mom wrote.
“We are so thankful for the @dcfireandems team who talked us through the incredibly intense moments before she took her first breaths and who arrived within minutes to bring mom and baby safely to the hospital,” Hunt said in her post. “Big brother Mars could not be more proud, and we couldn’t be more excited for life as a family of four.”
As she admitted, it was a very easy delivery, and both she and her daughter are in great health.

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