MEGA Washing Systems Washing The BIGGEST Machines

Today, we’ll take a look at some quite unique and intriguing washing systems designed to be used with the largest of machines. Keep an eye on them to see how they handle trains.
Washing Systems for Vehicles
Military exercises and other operations generate a lot of mud dust and dirt, which can’t be avoided. Tanks require a thorough cleaning every time they are used to ensure that they are ready for the next use. The automatic drive-through striker provides a quick but thorough wash for military vehicles. It just takes 45 seconds to give a tank a touchless deep wash, and it also recycles 90% of the wash water. This conserves water while also restoring the vehicle’s lustrous appearance.

Interclean Equipment
Each hour is worth money in the mining industry. However, the massive working machines require rest and cleaning from time to time. Cleaning a 400-ton haul truck might take four to six hours, which is time-consuming and costly. Mining truck downtime can be significantly reduced by using the inter-clean system. It removes all types of dirt in a single pass and saves water. As a result, ongoing maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

Finfite Washing Machines
Finn Finnett is a pioneer in the development of high-pressure unit pumps, pressure washers, and accessories. These are assisting mining companies in cleaning their heavy-duty vehicles, such as ultra-large dump trucks. Operators can easily change the flow from stream to conehead using the water cannon system, safely and effectively washing all exterior parts of the vehicle. Finfenet offers a variety of custom-tailored water blasters for hard-to-reach areas. A typical heavy-duty vehicle is washed at a pressure of 3000 psi, which is nearly double that of a regular car wash system.

Car Washing Machines
The automatic car wash system you’re watching right now is on its way out. It is equipped with an advanced intelligent detection system that allows the entire wash process to be controlled by a computer, reducing labor costs and increasing work efficiency. All you have to do now is choose your car’s wash package. When customers enter the wash bay, led signs and a voice system direct them to the proper parking spot. Spray nozzles can concentrate water flow during a high-pressure rinse to create a water knife. These are made using high-precision CNC lathes and are designed using complex hydrodynamics.

In the video below, we’ll see how MEGA Washing Systems Wash The Biggest Machines work.

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