A man who gave birth to a baby boy said it was a “huge shock” to discover he was pregnant after believing it was impossible.

Not only was the drama student, from Rochdale, Manchester, transitioning from female to male and taking hormone treatments, but he also believed his now-ex partner was infertile. Ryan Sanderson, 24, was nine weeks into his female to male transition when he discovered that he was pregnant.
The drama student, from Rochdale, Manchester, was stunned by the positive test – but decided to immediately pause his hormone treatments in order to give birth to son, Hendrick, two.

Ryan was able to chest feed his son before continuing with his transition

Ryan claims he knew he was a man “from the age of seven” and had struggled with his gender identity since. But despite his difficulty with body dysphoria throughout the pregnancy, he was proud to give birth to his son and now looks forward to raising his small family.

Ryan before he came out as trans (Picture: Mercury Press)

Despite the pregnancy being a total surprise, Ryan is overjoyed to have given birth to his first child as a ‘seahorse dad’. The moment he discovered he was pregnant during a doctor’s visit, Ryan paused his hormone treatments, despite worries that this would be challenging for his body dysmorphia. ‘I knew instantly that I wanted to have the baby,’ said the dad.

Ryan found out he was pregnant after nine weeks of hormone treatments

Despite struggling with body dysmorphia throughout, Ryan had the full support of his friends and family and said the pregnancy ran smoothly.

Ryan was stunned to learn he was 10 weeks pregnant at a doctors appointment

He said: “My GP was slightly worried about complications, but the course of my pregnancy ran pretty smoothly. “Thankfully, I had a wonderful team of midwives that would address me with the appropriate pronouns and if they made mistakes they would always apologise.
“Sometimes they’d have questions, and it felt great to be able to answer them without them trying to offend me in any way.” He added: “My mum, Janette, 57, has been super supportive the entire way through.
After welcoming his son, Ryan was able to return to the process of medical transition, and in 2021 had top surgery. He’s now living his best life as a single dad.


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