Inspiring Photos Of Why Moms Should Be Proud Their Postpartum Stretch Marks

A study found that 80 percent of moms compare their post-baby bodies to “unrealistic ideals”. No matter how your pregnancy plays out, your body is sure to change in ways you saw coming – and ways you didn’t. Your skin is bound to show signs of those changes in the form of stretch marks or, as some moms refer to them,  “tiger stripes.” Lately, many women have taken to social media to flaunt those marks with pride. Here are 5 awe-inspiring shots of empowered moms showing off their stretch marks. Their postpartum body positivity is sure to encourage you to embrace your own.

  1. A testament to the miracles.

A mom from Missouri named Hayley Garnett took to Instagram to share a photo of her stomach alongside her newborn twin daughters, She wrote: “All of my babies leave marks on my belly so that I never forget for a second that I grew them in my body all on my own and that they exist earth side with me now!”. “A forever reminder, whether I’m truly confident having these marks or not, it’s no doubt a testament to the miracles my body has made.”

  1. Postpartum queen.

Back in April 2017, Abagail Wedlake posted a photo of her red, raw stretch marks alongside a poem by blogger Cassie Fox and a beautiful photo of her baby girl. Postpartum bodies are different but show the beauty of being given the chance to bring life into this world.

  1. More important than what’s outside.

At 28 weeks pregnant I still struggle with the fact that I have them but nothing compares to the miracle that’s happening within me, and that’s far more important than what’s on the outside. Thank you baby girl.”

  1. “Unedited, unphotoshopped.”

In June 2015, a South Carolina mom of four named Kimberly Henderson shared this mirror selfie, confessing, “Everyone always compliments me on how I have such a ‘perfect body after 4 kids.  She concluded with an inspiring message for other moms: “Your body is beautiful… BECAUSE we ARE moms and we ARE superheroes and we freakin ROCK and in my opinion that is sexier than any 6 pack!”

  1. “Your stretch marks don’t define you.”

“Our bodies go through a lot, a lot of change, and your body is put through an enormous amount and I am so proud of myself that I carried such beautiful children and gave them food, warmth, and most importantly all the love that I never thought I had. A scar that I will have for the rest of my life is a tiny sacrifice for a lifetime of beautiful memories with my family. Your stretch marks DO NOT define you.”

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