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The forest squirrel is an animal native to the forests of eastern North America, Thailand, Malaysia, China, and Vietnam. And over time, it was introduced to become a pet pet that is very suitable for raising in his family. The forest squirrel family includes: ground squirrel, flying squirrel, chipmunk and marmot. But most types have similar characteristics and farming methods.
Forest squirrel

Trap ground squirrels with cages

This is a way that is considered traditional because this type of trap is very old and seems to only be able to trap young guys who have not had much experience, or the area is falling into a serious shortage of food. It is important that they risk entering the trap to eat, but if they meet experienced squirrels on the road of life, they would rather starve to death than dare to enter this trap. But that doesn’t mean this isn’t effective, but it will work depending on whether the area has a lot of food or not. How to trap squirrels:

Trap the ground squirrel willingly

Terrain of squirrel traps

Usually Melaleuca forests, Melaleuca forests, hills, fields. Such areas often have squirrels, so follow that terrain to trap. Of course, each region, each area will have different topographical forms. The fastest way to trap squirrels is that you just need to observe the terrain, where there are many squirrels, if you pay attention for a few days, you will see them working right away.

Squirrel bait

Squirrels are omnivores, they eat both plants and animals, but their favorite food is usually sweet, colorful fruits such as papaya, jackfruit, banana and some other fruits. other forest trees. In addition, they also eat some small animals and insects such as crickets, locusts, small insects. Those are the decoys that hunters use to trap in the forest.

Squirrel bait

The fastest and simplest way to trap squirrels in my opinion, just use bananas, if you have more jackfruit, the better. Otherwise, just using bananas is already very successful. This bait is both cheap and very attractive to squirrels.

How to set a squirrel trap. Here, two cases are divided

Put on the ground, near bushes, corners of trees, where there are vines.. In this case, ground squirrels cling more than cotton squirrels. Because cotton squirrels are less inclined to burrow into the ground to find prey. However, this is the fastest way to set up a squirrel trap, because it takes little effort, just picking up leaves under the canopy can be set.

Ground squirrel traps can be placed under trees, vines, etc.

Set traps on trees: Just hang the trap as high as you can reach. If you use this method, you should tie the trap firmly to the tree branch. Fix the trap firmly so that the squirrel does not fall on the ground and lose it. This second placement can capture both cotton squirrels and ground squirrels.
How to trap squirrels

After setting up the squirrel trap, it takes about 1 day to visit. If you do not intend to roll traps, when visiting squirrel traps, you should bring a few traps to prevent need when you use them.
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