How Does The Factory Process 100,000 Poultry Per Day, Automatic Pork Cutting Machine Food Processing

How long do you think it would take to process 100,000 birds per day, without machines? Today we will introduce to you the machines used to process poultry. Thanks to the production lines help save cost and time.

What is production line?

A production line is a production process that breaks down the production of goods into steps that are completed in a predetermined sequence. The production line is the most commonly used method in the mass production of products.

Poultry slaughter process at the factory

Poultry is purchased and transported from the farm to the factory for processing. Imported poultry with a certificate of origin and health of the veterinarian is eligible for slaughter.
Anesthesia: Poultry are hung by workers on the slaughter line. The height of the suspension is 1.5m, the chain is made of stainless steel. Poultry, after being hung up, will run through the anesthetic tank, where there is enough current to anesthetize the chicken (electrical pulse anesthesia).

How Does The Factory Process 100,000 Poultry Per Day

Part cutting: Next, the worker proceeds to cut the details. Underneath there will be a blood collection tank made of stainless steel. The purpose is to allow the blood in the poultry to escape so that the meat is light in color and does not have blood in the meat.

How Does The Factory Process 100,000 Poultry Per Day

Hot water dipping (pull): After cutting the blood, the birds move on the wire to secrete out and then drop into the hot water tank. The temperature of boiling water here is about 65-680C, this temperature is not too high nor low enough to pull hair without tearing the skin when going through the hair removal machine.

How Does The Factory Process 100,000 Poultry Per Day

Feather cleaning machine (shedding): This stage is done automatically by machine, after the poultry runs through the plucking machine, the poultry has been cleaned.
Skinning feet and kite hooks: This stage is skinned by workers, cut below the neck and above the breast to get the kite. Since this is the place where poultry feed is stored, there is a lot of bacteria, this part is removed so that microorganisms do not contaminate the meat.
Hook entrails: Before crocheting, workers make an incision under the poultry belly about 6-7cm. The intestines removed must be intact, not broken and left to avoid microbial contamination from the digestive tract. After that, it is washed, removing all remaining microorganisms. Poultry is passed through a system of cold water, a mixture of brine and ozone.

How Does The Factory Process 100,000 Poultry Per Day

Sorting and packing

After passing the slaughter line, it is inspected before packing the finished product. Veterinarians will inspect the carcass and stamp the slaughter control mark prior to packaging.

How Does The Factory Process 100,000 Poultry Per Day

Products are packed in (PE + PA) and vacuum sealed packaging. To keep the product fresh longer, the product is put into storage at ±40C. waiting for a dedicated refrigerated vehicle to be delivered to customers.

How Does The Factory Process 100,000 Poultry Per Day

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