How Does It Feel To Give Birth To Triplets With Breast Milk?

Breastfeeding isn’t easy, or is it?

Breastfeeding isn’t easy, or is it?

Breastfeeding is very difficult. And raising three premature babies? This is extremely difficult, time consuming and physically demanding. But Dufrenne was determined to do it. And over the past six months, despite the negative comments and the slim chance it is said she has, she has won.

The effective way of self-compassion of a mother of 3 children

This mother found a way and managed to raise all three of her children. In a video she posted on TikTok, she showed how it feels to have triplets and even breastfeed them.
Nina Dufrenne heard a lot about her decision to try breastfeeding her three children. Everyone told her she would never sleep again. That her babies, born at 29 weeks, would not be able to breastfeed successfully. That parents of triplets often can’t breastfeed and give up.

The effective way of self-compassion of a mother of 3 children

The mother shared a video on TikTok to celebrate six months of breastfeeding. The video is full of Dufrenne pumping, storing milk, feeding her babies (who spent 55 days in the NICU and intubated for 8 weeks) and feeding their three triplets directly. next. . As the image flashed, comments from others preventing her from breastfeeding also appeared on screen.
The emotional video ends with Dufrenne’s three beautiful smiling babies looking up at the camera as a gentle and loving reminder that breastfeeding doesn’t always go smoothly, but it does. Have. there’s a lot of room to celebrate watching the kids grow, mature. and develop!

Feeding isn’t a one lane road. The message is never doubt a determined mother. Just let us feed our babies. #breastfeeding #fedisbest #triplets #fypシ

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According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), many barriers to breastfeeding can prevent or even prevent mothers from breastfeeding. However, for mothers who want to try breastfeeding, it may seem scary, difficult and uncertain at first, but the success of breastfeeding is always in the hands of every mother. , in the mother’s patience and, of course, her children.

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