Harvesting oats and the process of making bird’s nests

Bird’s nest (swallow’s nest) is known as a “panacea” with extremely high nutritional value, effective health benefits.. What makes the value of bird’s nest is not only an extremely nutritious source. high, but also by the meticulous and elaborate process of exploiting and processing bird’s nest.
1. How to harvest bird’s nest and bird’s nest

– Wild nest / in the cave

Nests often nest in caves and steep cliffs, so people who harvest bird’s nests also need a lot of skill, experience and courage.
Their tools for harvesting the nests are very rudimentary, with only bamboo ladders, ropes and pitchforks. The process of getting the bird’s nest is also extremely arduous, they have to climb to the roof of the cave and then drop the rope down through the roof of the cave down the ladders stuck in the cave and then stand up there to get it. nest. . And often when harvesting the nests, the island will exploit white – that is, the harvester will pick up all the nests with eggs.
-With bird’s nest

The harvesting of bird’s nest is somewhat gentler but still requires meticulousness and care. Before taking the bird’s nest, it is necessary to spray moisture around the bird’s nest to make the nest softer and easier to get. To harvest the bird’s nest, it is necessary to choose the time to harvest when the birds go foraging and have not come back to nest. Then the worker termites will move into the nest very gently, avoiding noise. Just a slight noise can make the swallows still there scared, they may leave the nest and fly away because it is no longer safe. When collecting the nest, the person taking the nest should check to make sure there are no eggs or chicks in the nest. Because if there are eggs or young birds that we take the nest, the nest will be exhausted when we continue to build new nests.
2. Bird’s nest processing process
Soak raw bird’s nest in clean water, soak time from 1-2 hours, depending on the hatchability of raw bird’s nest, soak long or fast. The hatching of the canary is about 2 hours, and the blood nest has to soak for about 6 hours to pick up the feathers.

2: Raw bird’s nest after soaking, the nest maker separates the hairs and carefully picks up the feathers with tweezers, then plucks each tiny hair pinned in the fiber.

3: The surface and fiber belly after cleaning are molded and frozen. Freeze-drying is to keep the characteristic, slightly fishy taste of oats; while ensuring that the bird’s nest does not lose color or lose nutrients; At the same time, it helps the bird’s nest to dry faster. After the freeze-drying process, the bird’s nest is dry and shaped like a lotus petal.

4: The cleaned bird’s nest is packed according to the required specifications and completely boxed.

The production process of bird’s nest is simple. Because it does not go through the stages of using additives or complicated processing. But the opposite requires a lot of meticulousness and ingenuity. To not only limit the loss of oats. It also retains rich nutrients and attractive taste.Let’s see how to harvest bird’s nest – how to cook bird’s nest – how to cook bird’s nest
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