Excellent Escargot snail breeding technology in Europe 🐌 🐌 🐌

The large farm with a modern irrigation system has helped the vegetable garden to grow well, but if you look closely, you will see that these vegetables are destroyed by hundreds or thousands of snails, but the farmer is still very calm.

Snail Farm

The reason is that this is not a vegetable farm but actually a farm… snails, the vegetables grown up just for the purpose of providing shelter and food for these snails, this is a very strange model in Asia but extremely developed in Europe. The snails farmed here are the Burgundy snail, also known as the Roman snail, or Escargot, a species of snail that only lives in parts of Europe.

The reason for raising this snail on such a large scale?

Escargot snails are a very delicious and nutritious dish, so they are often used to prepare Western dishes. The eggs of this snail also have a very high nutritional value, which is processed like salted salmon roe. In addition, this species of snail has a very high value in cosmetic technology as well as being used for massage therapy thanks to the slime that snails secrete.

Snail slime is a valuable ingredient

How are Escargot snails raised?

The farms will buy snails in the spring, under the right conditions, the snails will be hibernation for 3 months and they will be ‘awakened’ in March to prepare for the spawning process in the spawning room. . Their food is cereal bran. When snails lay eggs, the eggs will be harvested again for two purposes: One is to incubate the eggs so that they can produce baby snails and the other is to make salted eggs.

Snail Escargot

Snail eggs are incubated for 2 weeks, at which time they will be transferred to the outdoor farm. Here they have planted grass or broccoli and boarded it so that they can crawl in. The process of raising snails will start from April to September when harvested, the misting system helps to create moisture as well as help vegetables grow well, which is a food source for snails.

Snails eat green vegetables grass

The process of raising Snail Escargot

Starting from the time the snails reach a size of 4 to 5 cm in diameter, they will be removed from the wooden plank. The snails will be washed to prepare for the processing of cosmetics (lotion and cream) from snail slime.

The snails will be washed

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Video source: Noal Farm.

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