Durian Tree Cultivation Technique To Fast Harvest


Durian has long been a favorite dish of many devotees, surely you will not be able to resist the seductive aroma as well as the delicious taste that is hard to compare with any other fruit. Durian has main varieties such as Ri6, Monthong, etc. In addition to being eaten directly, durian is also used to make confectionery and other foods.


Learn about the durian tree:

Learn about the durian tree:

Durian is a woody, perennial plant with sparse foliage. They have extremely deep roots that go deep into the ground but are easily uprooted when strong winds or storms, so around the durian garden need to plant windbreaks. Tropical fruit trees are very popular in Southeast Asian countries, live well in conditions of temperature from 22 – 300C, prefer moist soil, not drought tolerant but also not waterlogged.
However, if you do not master planting and care techniques, the risk of durian trees becoming a “durian” tree for many people.

Choose varieties

Depending on the needs, the school where you spend that you choose the right durian variety. You should buy seeds from reputable breeders. Or you can propagate by yourself to save investment costs and better seed quality than you buy.
Breeding techniques before planting durian trees:
Propagate durian by seed: That is, you use durian seeds to incubate.

Breeding techniques before planting durian trees:

You can choose to plant the seeds in a pot or sow them directly into a pre-dug planting hole to grow durian. Each hole you plant 2-3 seeds (When the plants grow, you keep the good ones, remove the bad ones, keep 1 tree in each hole). Although the process is simple, durian trees are slow to harvest (8 (8) – 9 years before they give the first fruit, so they are rarely chosen.
Propagate by grafting durian branches
You choose a durian tree that is healthy, gives delicious fruit, and is pest-free as the mother tree.

Propagation of durian by cutting method.
This is the breeding method chosen by many durian growers.
Prepare the soil before planting durian
Durian is a woody, tall, broad-leaved, light-loving plant, so you have to plant it sparsely to get light and grow healthy. Each tree is 8-12m apart. Dig planting holes about 1-2 months before planting. The hole was dug about 0.7m deep, 1mx1m long, 1m wide.
Then, each cavity uses 0.5kg of powdered lime to treat a number of pests. When digging holes for 2 weeks, each hole continues to use 20 – 40 kg of decaying organic fertilizer, 1 kg of phosphate fertilizer, 0.5 kg of lime powder and half of the topsoil excavated from the hole, mix well to lower and backfill higher. surface. natural land.
When the seedling develops good roots for planting, dig a hole as big as the seedling pot, if the tree has many old roots, use sharp scissors to cut off the old roots and then put the tree in the planting hole, compact it. soil around the pot.
After planting the tree, plug 3 triangular stakes around the base of the tree and tie it lightly to the trunk to prevent the tree from tipping over in heavy rain and wind.
Use straw, straw, dry grass to keep the roots moist, shade the tree in the early stages and regularly keep the tree moist. If there is a prolonged drought, use a shower to water the plants.
Care techniques after planting durian trees
Adequate water should be provided for durian trees for 1 month after planting. Water enough, not more, not less. Durian leaves need light to photosynthesize to support the body, so you need to prune the branches to make the tree open and grow quickly.
About fertilizing, each year fertilize 10-20kg of organic fertilizer for each tree. Divide into several times to fertilize durian. During the fruiting period, the amount of K (potassium) in the manure should be increased to increase the quality of the fruit and increase the rate of fruit set.
After harvest, reduce potassium to increase nitrogen and phosphorus for quick recovery.
When fertilizing, people fertilize according to the projection of the canopy, the soil must be moist enough and lightly filled to prevent evaporation.


Surely this is the stage you are most looking forward to all the time, right, but don’t rush to harvest early or too late. You should rely on the development characteristics of the plant, the time since planting durian to start planting durian reasonably. Planting durian grown with grafted trees gives fruit sooner, about 4 to 5 years after planting (if planting durian from seeds, it takes longer, about 6 to 7 years).


Durian from the time of flowering to harvest is about 4 months on average (a little earlier or a little later depending on the variety). Although the harvesting time is a bit long, the durians are grown once, but they are harvested continuously for 50 to 60 years. So we have learned about durian planting techniques as well as how to plant and care for the highest yield.

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