Buffalos Bravely Attacks Herd Lion To Rescue His Teammates

In Africa, wild buffalo and lion are two closely related species, with buffalo being the main prey of lions, and lions being the biggest natural enemies of buffalo.

Buffalo and african lion

The African bush buffalo is one of the most feared animals in Africa, they can weigh up to 1,540 pounds (700kg). They possess 40cm long horns and have the power to gore even lions, the wounds caused by buffalo are extremely dangerous.

Buffalo was gored by a lion

However, the herd behavior of both buffalo and lion is often the cause of dramatic Ьɑттʟᴇ when lions do not let go of their prey, buffaloes do not run away easily. In the vast savannah of northwest Tanzania, East Africa, a lion discovered a herd of wild buffalo grazing. Attacking the buffalo herd is too dangerous, but the hungry stomach of the lions forces them to “calculate”. Since it often takes several lions to work together to gore an adult buffalo, lions often aim for easy targets such as young calves, old or injured buffalo.
Very quickly the lions identified the target to attack.

African buffalo attack plan

The cunning lions use tricks to isolate the mother buffalo, “someone” attacks to distract the buffalo herd, “someone” takes advantage of the rush to bite and tear the calf. The lions thought they were full when something unexpected happened.

The lions plan to hunt

Fierce Ьɑттʟᴇ between 2 animals

First, the lions pretend to chase, causing the buffalo to run away, then the donkey separates the mother and cubs from the herd. They then use a hunting tactic to separate the calf from the mother buffalo to easily devour the prey: 2 lions attack the mother buffalo to distract her attention so that other lions can easily attack. labour. In that critical moment, a miracle happened, the whole herd of wild buffaloes came back to save the mother buffalo.

Lion Targeting

The situation reversed, the predator became the prey, the buffaloes rushed to attack the lions, making them quickly run away. The lions used clever hunting tactics to separate the mother and cubs from the herd, but unfortunately, the terrible solidarity of the buffalo herd made them not only unable to hunt, but also had to run away.

The lions were scared and ran away

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