Animals Tease The Hedgehog And Get A Bitter Ending

The famous saying “size doesn’t matter” has a lot of meaning when it comes to hedgehogs. Hedgehogs are tiny creatures but can cause great damage to large animals or even humans. Armed with extremely stiff fur, these rodents are virtually untouchable and not the kind of prey that predators want to chew on. Some even tried, but unfortunately they didn’t have a pleasant experience. Let’s see which foolish animals dare to touch the hedgehog and receive a bitter end.

# Snake

You might think that the hedgehog only ᴇɑтѕ the fruit, leaves, and shoots it normally finds at high altitudes, but its diet also includes worms, spiders, slugs, centipedes, ants, and beetles. hardy, bees and many other insects. And snakes too! It can be said that snakes have great enemies! Snakes are known for their powerful venom capable of killing people with a single bite. However, some animals are immune to snake venom and hedgehogs are one of them. Even if it wasn’t immune, it would be extremely difficult for a venomous snake to dig its fangs into the skin of an animal, because its body is completely covered by this hedgehog doing what many other species of porcupine do. Animals like to do, that is ᴇɑтѕ.

porcupine ᴇɑтѕ snake

Because when meeting a hedgehog, if a rabid snake attacks it, there will be 2 possibilities, one is the hedgehog will swallow the snake, or the snake will swallow the hedgehog, but you know, the snake will be retribution immediately when swallowed. right thorns of the hedgehog.

Snake ᴇɑтѕ hedgehog and gets a bitter ending


It’s hard to imagine an animal as large and majestic as a bear being threatened by a simple hedgehog. But this footage doesn’t lie, and clearly shows a grizzly bear running away from a hedgehog after being hit by it. One noticed that the large carnivore approached and smelled the animal’s scent, he must not have liked the smell very much and decided to end the relationship. The bear ran away as if it had seen a ghost and only then were the thorns embedded in its snout noticed. Well, next time he’ll think twice about harassing a thorny pig!



This leopard has probably never seen or known a hedgehog. This is because he launched himself with everything on top of the animal and was then stabbed with spikes. What many people don’t know is that its spikes are actually just extremely stiff, modified hairs, and contrary to popular belief, hedgehogs don’t throw their spikes around as a form of self-defense. It’s just that they easily detach from the animal’s body, attaching itself to the victim’s body with a simple blow or a “hit it”. And the leopard got a bitter ending.


# Dog

The Pit bull is one of the most famous dog breeds in Brazil, but it is not a docile and calm breed but a bloodthirsty beast that attacks. What happens is that pitbulls are programmed to fight until they win, and that’s why they are such a powerful breed that it terrifies many people.

Dog gets a bitter ending for daring to tease a hedgehog

However, for many people, dogs of this breed are extremely docile and easy to get along with. But it also had to succumb to the hedgehog for daring to tease it. You can see the dog’s body is covered with spikes, but he still doesn’t stop teasing him.
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