8 Things Every Co-Sleeping Parent Thinks In The Middle Of The Night

It can feel heartbreaking when your baby clings to you whenever you put him to sleep in his crib at night. And if you are breastfeeding, co-sleeping with a baby seems like the easiest way for both of you to have better sleep. But bed-sharing has become a hot topic in recent years.
When you have a crying infant who doesn’t like to sleep in the crib, it seems natural to resort to co-sleeping with baby. But experts and parents have opposing views when it comes to the co-sleeping and crib debate. Read on to find out what these are.
However, some parents choose to co-sleep with their babies because it feels foreign to let them sleep away from them. Here are 7 things every co-sleeping parent can relate to:

Most parents have heard the advice that babies are supposed to sleep in their parents’ rooms, but for some it’s tough to live up to the recommendations.

1. Baby Talk, Even At Night

If you think your partner snores and disturbs your sleep, wait till you have an infant. They cry, laugh, talk, and sometimes even move their hands and legs up and down. You do not go into a deep sleep with your baby sleeping by your side. But you love that they are right next to you.

2. That was the rudest awakening ever!

ou might go over and above to keep your baby comfortable and safe in your bed. But they don’t care. They reciprocate by punching you in your face, jabbing their finger in your eye, or worse kicking your stomach in their sleep. All you can do is move over and cling to the edge of your bed. Talk about being selfless!

The culprit? Baby hands and feet! What on earth are they dreaming about?

3. New Snuggles Replaced By Old Ones

Your baby is squishy and loves to snuggle up against you, and as much as you love it, you are extra cautious about hurting your baby or putting the weight of your arms on them. Now that you have a baby in the middle, you have to compromise on the partner snuggles, and sometimes you wish it was just the two of you. But hey, it’s okay, and that does not make you any less of a good parent.

4. Stop sleeping so crooked!

Most adults sleep up and down in their bed. But when you have a little munchkin, you cling to the edge of your bed and give them ample space to roll around (even if they cannot). Besides, babies love to sleep in the starfish position, and you wouldn’t want to hurt them.
No way! Sideways and starfish seem to be the preferred resting position. Which leads to …

5. I’m so squished!

We had a king-size bed before we had kids and it always felt like plenty of space. Even enough to add a little person in the middle. But no, I cling to my side of the bed every single night. The edge of the mattress and I are very close friends.

6. You make so much noise!

If you think your spouse snores, just wait until you have a co-sleeping infant or toddler inches from your ear. They snort and breathe loud, and then eventually talk. Truly though, I love the peace of hearing those deep breaths of sleep and being close enough to rest my hand on their tummy, feeling it go up and down, up and down.

7. I wish I could snuggle my spouse

Seeing that I have a little buddy glued to my side at night, I often wish I could have just one night off for just my husband and I. Sometimes I’ll wiggle to the middle, but inevitably my baby will sense that they are no longer the snuggle priority.

Where should we have s.e.x tonight?

When your bed is occupied by a little one, it begs the question, do we shift them to the far side and hope they’re sound asleep or head to the couch, kitchen, shower, or walk-in closet?
Sleeping portrait of a family with newborn twins

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