Manufacturing Process of Motorcycle a Sprocket with amazing skills

Sprockets are considered to be some of the most important parts of various mechanical devices in the automation and automotive industry. They are relatively easy to produce and not expensive to buy if one knows where to look. Whether you are a business or an individual, finding the right high quality sprockets specific to your needs is of paramount importance.

Here at Jpmach, a high quality Power Transmission Parts Supplier, we offer a wide range of sprockets. Our customers usually come to us with their specific requirements, to which our highly professional and experienced staff is catering them with high accuracy and precision. There are 4 main sprocket manufacturing processes that we typically use according to our clients’ needs and requirements. Depending on specifications, we can manufacture your sprockets using either traditional sprocket manufacturing processes or non-traditional.

METAL FORMING – this process typically includes forming the circumferential teeth by using a die. Center holes can be made using die-punches.
POWDER PROCESSING – the sprockets in this approach are made from metal powder. This process has 3 steps: powder blending – pulverisation; die compaction; and sintering. The powder compaction can be further strengthened by using hot isostatic pressing and die pressing processes.
RAPID PROTOTYPING – this process typically includes additive manufacturing which means that material is added (as oppose to other processes where material is subtracted). This process includes layer by layer formation of objects using a 3D printer. The raw material being used in this process is typically a polymer.
ELECTRIC DISCHARGE MACHINING – this is the process of spark erosion. An intensive heat is generated between a work piece and an electrode tool. The heat vaporizes the metal particles and the shape of the electrode is imprinted on the work piece.
As a professional chain & sprocket manufacturer, we have adequate and modern state of the art in-house machines and tooling, with which we are more than capable of manufacturing sprockets and other machine parts of all shapes and sizes using any of the above processes.

In the video below, we can see the Manufacturing Process of Motorcycle a Sprocket with amazing skills
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