10 Weird Creatures That Are A Nightmare For Humans

The diversity of flora and fauna is a wonderful thing that nature has bestowed on the Earth. Besides the beauty that it brings, nature is also a place that hides scary things that, if known, you will probably never want to step foot out of the house. This article will help you learn about the animals you “don’t eat well, can’t sleep” if you meet them in real life.
Killer Mushroom
Killer mushrooms are fungi that have the ability to control ants. When a small ant suddenly came across this fungus. Mushrooms will immediately attack the nervous system and control the opponent to do as they please. Following the mushroom’s command, the ant will then leave the colony and bite the edge of a leaf until it dies. At this time, the stem of the fungal spores will grow, grow and reproduce right on the head of the dead victim.
Blanket octopus
Physalia Physalis is the name of a super venomous jellyfish, and the blanket octopus is immune to this venom. So whenever it wants, the blanket octopus will bite off the venomous tentacles of the jellyfish Physalia Physalis and use them as a weapon against enemies.
Anemone fish – a fish that never knows love
Besides their scary appearance, the female finfish is probably the feminist symbol that women today worship. This species has a very strange and somewhat “scary” way of mating. When wanting to mate, the male will actively approach the female, bite the opponent’s hip and swallow his own face. The female will then eat the rest of the male’s body, leaving only the gonads, which they will use to mate themselves.
This disgusting creature can not harm you, but they will certainly scare you with its ugly and scary appearance.
When threatened, manatees have the ability to bring their respiratory organs out of the body through the anus to terrify enemies. Reading this far, you will see that the ocean really contains many terrible things, right?
Frogs make their own toenails by breaking their own bones.
This species is also known as the “horror frog” because of their fearsome hairy appearance. The frog Trichobatrachus robustus has the ability to break toe bones and then pierce the skin and become claws.
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