10 Unique Birds In The World That You Probably Know

There is so much to know about birds, from their way of life to the different types. Like Pokémon, there are different types. Some are big, some are small, some can fly, some can’t. And some? They are really interesting and different than anything you have seen.

# Kakapo parrots

The Kakapo is the only parrot in the world that can’t fly with its bright green plumage and face a bit like an owl. This is a nocturnal bird, so it is not surprising that many people refer to the Kakapo as the “nocturnal parrot”. Besides, Kakapo is the only parrot species in the world that only mate with mates of their own choosing. When choosing a “lover”, the male birds will fight with each other and the female will choose the male bird that she likes best “as a husband”.

Kakapo parrots

However, the strangest thing about Kakapo parrots is that they mate very rarely, sometimes every 2 years. Perhaps this is also one of the reasons why this species is gradually becoming extinct. Currently, the remaining number of Kakapo is quite small, only 124 individuals. Therefore, until now, preventing the extinction of this parrot species is still attracting a lot of attention.

# Flinghtless cormorant

The Galapagos flightless cormorant is an endemic species to Galapagos and is not only the heaviest cormorant species, but also the one which cannot fly out of 29 species. As the name suggests, they cannot fly away and are therefore confined to the lava shoreline and beaches of Isabela and Fernandina. The adults are black on top and dark brown underneath with bright turquoise eyes. They have stunted wings that are one third the size of the wingspan they would require to fly. They have four webbed toes (like all members of the cormorant family) and the females tend to be smaller than the males. Natural selection led to the species no longer having functional wings as they had very few land predators, and individuals that were better suited to swimming were more successful in passing on their genes.

Flinghtless cormorant

#Kagu Bird

With silky white feathers, the Kagu bird is known as the “forest ghost” and is one of the 5 most endangered bird species in the world, possessing a special long crest that is unmistakable with other species. other birds. The Kagu bird is a bird endemic to the largest island of Grand Terre in New Caledonia (1200km north of Australia).

Kagu Bird

A pair of Kagu birds can live faithfully together for a lifetime. Most of the year, males and females feed on their own. But when the breeding season comes, they come back together to incubate the eggs.
Kɑgu birds also appear on stamps and coins in Ɲew Caledonia. The strange point of the Kagu bird is the “tiny nose” that no other bird has. With a small structure and shell surrounding the nostrils, they can forage to find prey in the bushes, and at the same time prevent sand and dust from entering the nose.

# Philippine Eagle

With a wingspan of up to 2 m, the Philippine giant eagle is also known as the lord of the birds. On July 4, 1995, this bird was chosen by the Philippines as the country’s mascot. If someone “accidentally” kills a Philippine eagle, perhaps they will have the opportunity to reflect on their actions during two years in prison.

Philippine Eagle

The Philippine Eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi) is also known as the Philippine giant eagle or the monkey-eating eagle. Females average 102 cm tall and weigh 7 kg, while males average 91 cm tall and weigh 5 kg. With such a large length and size, this eagle once picked monkeys as prey as well as any other animal living in their hunting range.

# Hoatzin Bird

Hoatzin birds are one of the most unique birds in the world as they are the only birds with claws growing out on each side of their wings. Hoatzin is a “vegetarian” bird. Their food is mainly leaves, fruits and flowers. Although they live quite frugally, they are also nicknamed “sniffing birds” because of the smell like plant fertilizer. Hoatzin birds are quite intelligent when they know how to pretend to be dead to avoid enemies. When attacked, they plunge into the water, using their claws to cling, to avoid being swept away by the water. When the enemy leaves, they use their claws to climb to the ground and take off. Perhaps thanks to the smell, Hoatzin birds have escaped human hunting because their meat cannot be processed into food.

Hoatzin Bird

A special feature of this Hoatzin bird is also its food digestive system similar to that of their cows. Hoatzin has a forebrain used to crush food and ferment it with bacteria. The kite in Hoatzin evolved with the same functions as the rumen in cows. This evolution made their kites very large, making them unable to fly as far as other species.
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